Aug 13

HenryConsulting supports organizations in successfully

• Addressing the sources and impacts of global climate change
• Reducing energy consumption
• Reducing the emission of destabilizing greenhouse gases, and
• Making the successful, cost-effective transition to modern, cleaner technologies.

Clients include: 

     • Utilities - power, electricity and waste
     • Local, state and federal governments
     • Economic development organizations

     • Developers,  and
• Investors

HenryConsulting provides an independent review, analysis and due diligence examination of both proposed and actual projects.  This independent examination provides additional reliability, credibility and insight to both developers, investors and purchasers - typically saving the parties hundreds of thousands of dollars.

HenryConsulting also specializes in hosting, conducting and facilitating key strategic planning sessions typically involving a diverse range of participants. 

The Director of Henry Consulting is Dr. Blair C. Henry. Dr. Henry has  served as aBCH

• Corporate counsel and trial attorney in Seattle for twenty-two years

• Certified mediator
• Professor,  Earth System Science Institute, University of North Dakota
• Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of North Dakota
• Co-Founder & President, The  Northwest Council on Climate Change (leading regional white collar professionals including        policymakers, scientists, physicians, engineers and public safety professionals)
• Co-Organizer of regional climate change  workshops for the Executive Office of The President of the United States
• Presenter, over 250 presentations to over 25,000 people on climate change and clean energy development
• Author, Global Warming in a Nutshell - A Policymaker's Guide to Solving It in Time (2006)GlobalWarmingInANutshell
• Author, Global Warming for Republicans - Key, Verifiable Statistics, A Critical Goal, What Works & What Won't (2006)

To maintain its credibility, independence and reputation, HenryConsulting  does not accept an ownership or management interest in any specific project or company.  However, if after a due diligence examination, a project is deemed credible and feasible, HenryConsulting may consider promoting and advocating for a project on behalf of the developer and/or investors.

Contact us by email or phone 928-554-4114.Frontyard1
We're located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.